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Since 1993, Maid Answer has cleaned homes, condominiums and different residences in Northern Virginia. Whether it includes special earlier than and after cleanup for an event, regular weekly or montly house cleaning services or annual "special cleaning," our expert maids will make your chrome shine, your tables and blinds mud-free and your kitchens and bathrooms spic and span.

Those that violate the law usually pay dearly. In one current case, an expat couple who fired a caretaker on their property within the Yunguilla Valley, was ordered by the court to pay him $28,000. In one other, an Ecuadorian man who changed his maid of 18 years, needed to compensate her $17,000.

A particular such case is that of South Asian kids being trafficked to Middle East as camel jockeys. These kids are stored in unhealthy congested places with no or limited access to primary amenities of life. They are then blindfolded and made to journey a camel in races. Their meals and other wages are tied with their efficiency within the races. If a baby does not perform well, he could also be tortured or stored without food for days.